About Us

3 Felix Brothers is a small family-owned business that provides outsourced customer service solutions through our service partner, Arise. We pride ourselves in providing well-paying work opportunities that allow for a flexible schedule that can be done from the comfort of your home.

We have an understanding that in today's workforce, it is expected that one's life revolves around their job. At 3 Felix Brothers, we strive to push the ideology that work should revolve around the intricacies of life.

You create your schedule,

You decide when to work,

You are your own Boss. 

The life of a independent, work-at-home customer service agent 

The Arise® Platform allows you to provide customer service work from home — and schedule it around your life. That means you’ll spend more time doing the things that matter most to you.

Think about it this way: Becoming an entrepreneur and working remote at home allows you the flexibility to go to that cycling class you can never get to, or the dance recital you know means the world to your daughter.

While simply working at home can achieve these related benefits, operating a customer service company from home is truly the best choice for those who need and want to take back their life. When you are the boss, you manage your own schedule, and you are in control of what you are able to dedicate each hour of your day to. By launching your own customer service work from home business and using the Arise® Platform to reach ultimate success, not only will you be well on your way to running your own company — you’ll also be back on track to living your life the way you always wanted.